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Welcome to Pat Celaya's electronic portfolio



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Hello, and welcome to my e-portfolio.  My name is Pat Celaya.  I am a CPA, and I teach Accounting Technology courses at UTB/TSC in Brownsville, Texas.  This (2011-2012) is my tenth year of teaching.


I received a bachelor in Business with a major in Accounting from UT-Pan in 1986.  After working many years in banking, public accounting, and finally as the Comptroller at Southmost Union Junior College District, more commonly known as Texas Southmost College, I decided I wanted to teach.  I began teaching in the fall of 2002.  At first I felt like I was technologically superior to my students.  I was familiar with a lot of the software you typically use in business, such as the Microsoft Office Suite of products, and I knew how to surf the internet, and send and receive email, but in no time at all, I felt like my students were leaving me in the dust.  They all had “blogs” and “Facebook” accounts.  They were “chatting” and “texting” – things I knew nothing about.  I knew I had to do something to keep up.  In March 2009, I attended Janice Butler’s professional development workshop called, “Overview of Web 2.0: Tweets and Wikis and Blog, Oh My!!!”  It changed my life.  I couldn’t believe all the things you go do using the internet.  I imagined how I might use some of these things in my teaching.   I wanted to learn more, so I enrolled in the M. Ed. – Ed Tech program at UTB.  What you have here – my e-portfolio – chronicles my “journey” through the program.


This portfolio contains a list of all the graduate courses I took in the program, a sample project from each of the core courses in the program, and a matrix charting the specific responsibilities and performance indicators of each project met during the program.  My contact information is also provided under the "Contact Me" link above.  


The entire portfolio is web-based, so you'll need Internet Explorer or Firefox to access the linked content throughout the portfolio.

Copyright © 2009. The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College





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